Stable income

Get fixed income up to 13% per year, depending on deposit`s terms. Special offers for retirees.

Affordable entry requirement

You can start  getting returns by investing as little as $1000 right now.

Suits Everyone

Ger your personal pension, save your money, make your profit, get benefits for your future.

3 Plans of Fixed Income


Per year

1 year plan

Minimal deposit – $1000

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Per year

3 years plan

Minimal deposit – $1000

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Per year

5 years plan

Minimal deposit – $1000

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Special offer for retirees

Earn extra 0.25% if you are aged 50 and above.
For 1 year plan, you`ll get 7,25%.
For 3 year plan, you`ll get 10,75%.
For 5 year plan, you`ll get 14,25%.

How does it work?

For example you have $10 000 and want to get fixed income. In this case you`ll get back:

$10 700

in 1 year

$13 310

in 3 years

$18 424

in 5 years

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About Arenbay Investments Limited

Arenbay Investments is a team of traders and quantitative analysts specialising in market following algorithmic trading of the equities and other financial instruments. The flexibility that market following strategies bring to trading allow for both short and long exposure.
This helps to optimise the returns and minimise correlation to the markets. The firm is highly relying both on the power of statistical models that are driving the trading decisions as well the experience of the strategists that are guiding the models.

Successful Deals
Deposits from $15 000

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