Our company

Arenbay Investments  is a team of traders and quantitative analysts specialising in market following algorithmic trading of the equities and other financial instruments. The flexibility that market following strategies bring to trading allow for both short and long exposure. This helps to optimise the returns and minimise correlation to the markets. The firm is highly relying both on the power of statistical models that are driving the trading decisions as well the experience of the strategists that are guiding the models.

Our returns may be dispersed from month to month yet they hardly fall ever below 2 percent. The fluctuating nature of the market makes us adjust to it that’s why during the trending periods we focus on stocks while during the non-trending periods we switch to volatility-related ETPs.  We always continue the constant innovation and improvement of our strategies to stay on top of the game and minimize the risks.


Our Work

% of Successful deals
Number of deposits above $15000
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