What is fixed income?

Fixed income products that are being offered are the investment packages with a fixed rate of return per a period of time.

How does it work?

The minimal investment is $1000 or an equivalent in any other currency. It is also possible to grow the investment sum over time by subsequent depositing.

Choose the plan

You choose the investment plan that suits your needs best.

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You can start collecting the accumulated sum at predetermined  time intervals.

Why would you consider this?

Fixed income return is a great way to grow your savings for the future use. With no risks involved you can get a considerable return on your capital just in 1 to 5 years. This type of investment vehicle can help you to purchase a car, real estate or support a lifestyle you want. Fixed income investment vehicle is suitable under any conditions for individuals of any age.

Who may be interested in fixed income?

For Savings

Those individuals who wish to invest their savings with no risks.

For Purchase

Those individuals who intend to save money for the purchase of any goods. (Vehicles, Real Estate...)

For Parents

Parents who wish to preserve funds in order to pay their kids’ college.

For Retirees

Elderly people who wish to save up funds for the future. Elderly people ages above 50 get extra 0.25% per year.

Our Backtest

backtest ArenBay

The backtest results represent the performance of a portfolio of stocks and ETFs (8 assets in total) over 5 year period. This strategy utilises both long and short positions for hedging and diversification. Despite the fact the strategy is fairly simple and is based on technical indicators it does deliver considerably consistent results results.

We believe we are better off using simple strategies when it comes to identification of entries and exits, and concentrate on portfolio management to optimise the returns and minimise the risks.

It’s important to stress attention on the fact that the models we are using have flaws and we are not just blindly following the algorithmic logic while trading. That’s why our approach can be summarised as following: “We use the machines to make most rational decisions, but we are always alert to market conditions under which our models fail.”

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